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Cloud Breakout Sessions

Understanding your Options When Integrating to the Public Cloud


A Look into Data Center Resiliency & the Hybrid Cloud


Developing a Cloud-First Strategy for your Organization 

Phil Spitze, Annese 


Steve Hailstone, Annese


Rus Healy, Annese & Scott Plamondon, Annese

The public cloud offers a wide range of solution options for companies of all sizes. From a simple backup solution utilizing in-transit and at-rest encryption, to hybrid cloud solutions, to Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity architectures, to running entire virtual offices in the cloud, integrating to the public cloud can be easy, and give you a lot of flexibility at low cost. In this session, we’ll review some real-world examples of how these solutions integrate and leverage the services offered by the AWS Cloud platform.


Oct. 17 | 3:45 PM


This breakout session will seek to cover data center resiliency, high availability, and performance from three different viewpoints. First, we'll take a look at a data center that is comprised of only one location. Then, we'll explore a data center which spans two locations, both private. Lastly, we'll look at a hybrid data center comprised of a private data center (on-premises) and a virtual, private data center hosted on AWS. You'll leave this session with an understanding of local data center high-availability and performance options as well as the differences between a hybrid infrastructure and the necessary security measures for all.


Oct. 18 | 10:15 AM


 Cloud-based offerings are transforming organizations’ IT and business operations, and we want to help you optimize your spend for the betterment of your business goals. Today, most organizations are using some cloud-based resources, but few  have developed a strategy regarding when to use cloud-based services—yet. In this session, we'll  help you create a cloud-first strategy that gets you asking the question, “Why can’t we do this in the cloud?” instead of “Why should we do this in the cloud?” 


Oct. 18 | 2:00 PM
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Public Cloud Services:
Now Built for Trust


Digital Transformation: Rethinking your IT Service Infrastructure to Gain a Competitive Edge


Thinking Out Cloud

Joe Vigorito, Annese


Tom Gdula, Annese


Chad Stevens, AWS

The protection of customer data is and has been a primary design consideration for public cloud infrastructure and services. Current public cloud infrastructure is now fully developed to offer secure infrastructure and platform services that are used by customers of all types to run their mission-critical enterprise workloads and store their data. In this session, we’ll discuss the cloud—security philosophy, strategy, embedded expertise, and resourcing—to protect your data and enable your organization to build secure solutions. We’ll touch on effective and manageable security, running workloads with high confidence, and building a trusted hybrid cloud solution.


Oct. 18 | 11:30 AM


Given the trend toward Hybrid-Cloud and the Software Defined Data Center, this session will explore what that trend means, why it is happening, and what drivers are enabling this transition. The discussion will aim to inform and stimulate thoughts supportive of strategies to leverage these new features and capabilities to enable new initiatives, improve effectiveness, and present new opportunities for expanded and evolved offerings. You'll leave with greater knowledge for establishing new relationships with your customers and constituents. 


Oct. 17  |  2:30 PM


The cloud can help IT departments become more agile, efficient and secure. Chad Stevens and Haider Witwit will address questions every district IT professional should consider and answer before transitioning their infrastructure. They will also discuss key planning considerations around security, resourcing and stakeholder management; insights into future-proofing your plans; available infrastructure solutions and data interoperability. You’ll leave with a better understanding of cloud migration best practices and practical experience with the Amazon Web Services platform. You won’t want to miss this informative and interactive session!


Oct. 18  |  11:30 AM

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