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Collaboration Breakout Sessions

Secure your World:
Access Control, Video Surveillance, & Identity Management Solutions


Connected Transportation & the Internet of Things (IoT)


Is Cisco Meeting Server (CMS)
Right for You

Mike Andrews, Annese


Brian Schillaci, Cisco


Scott Dion, Annese

Let's protect what is most important to you. In this session, we'll discuss the latest in physical security and Identity Access Management technologies that are helping monitor and secure our businesses from physical threats. We'll touch on access controls, digital cameras, monitoring techniques and much more.


Oct. 17  |  1:15 PM


Connected Transportation is part of Cisco’s Internet of Things Portfolio.  This session will provide an in-depth overview of how Cisco is making transportation safer, smarter and more efficient.  Specific solutions include passenger/student wifi, smart video surveillance, alerts and GPS tracking, and telemetry data.


Oct. 17  |  2:30 PM


You have a lot people in your company conducting a lot meetings on a lot of devices in a lot of places, inside and outside of your organization, video is now the life blood for how businesses are successful in getting work done, if your not ready for the cloud put the power of video collaboration in to the hands of all your employees on your organizations premises.  Come participate in “Is Cisco Meeting Server right for you?”, the Cisco Meeting Server can provide you a scalable, flexible and custom solution to provide everyone a great meeting experience while reducing bandwidth costs.  Come understand how you can leverage your existing data center infrastructure with easy licensing, protecting your IT investment all the while providing your employees a seamless meeting experience allowing everyone to be productive and happy.


Oct. 17  |  3:45 PM
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Add a little SPARK to your 


 Contact Center



Scott Dion, Annese


Bret Lathrop, ConvergeOne 


This session will review how meetings and collaboration have been approached in the past, compared to how creativity and collaboration can really catch fire with a little SPARK. We will review this new technology, and include a demonstration of SPARK options including the hottest collaboration too: the SPARK Board. We will also review the hot new SPARK Room kit options, as well as different subscription models, including heavily discounted devices with a SPARK subscription. Come see what has SPARKed the fire in Collaboration.


Oct. 17  |  12:00 PM


 Websites and recently Mobile apps have been game changers for companies of all types to provide additional interaction points with populations to communicate, share information, sell and service customers of all types. But are those tools integrated into the life blood of your businesses traditional customer experience – the Contact Center? This session reviews those amazing areas of integration that can bring your mobile app and web experiences to the next level.
Oct. 18  |  2:00 PM


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