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Collaboration Breakout Sessions

How to Calculate the Real-World ROI of Telepresence 


A Deep Dive into Telepresence to Create Immersive Video Experiences


Design Your Own Telepresence Room in the Cloud

Phil Birmingham


Scott Dion


Scott Dion

This discussion will explore real-world ROI examples associated with implementing telepresence, including soft benefits in the form of productivity enhancements and business drivers, as well as hard benefits, like cost savings and return on investment. This session will feature an ROI worksheet that you can customize to your own scenario—a critical piece in building your business case for telepresence and collaboration technologies.

Nov. 3  |  2:00 PM


This session will feature an overview of the Cisco Telepresence Architecture, including vTPS, Conductor, Expressway-C, Expressway-E, TMS, TCS, and Cisco Call Manager. We will discuss interconnections and dependencies, basic configuration, integrated dial-plan, and URI dialing while examining the hardware, system components, and Virtual CPU mapping that need to be in place.


Nov. 3  |  11:00 AM


In this session, we will demonstrate cloud-based Telepresence technologies, including Cisco Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR), Cisco WebEx, and Cisco Spark, along with the various Cisco endpoints available. We will also showcase Cisco Project Workspace, where you can learn to design your own Cisco Telepresence Room experience.



Nov. 3  |  3:30 PM
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