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Data Center Workshops

Convergence and Hyperconvergence 


What’s Under the Hood: 
Managing Your vRealize Environment

Mike Hommer


Garrett Raymond

Grow your knowledge of converged and hyper-converged architectures, and experience what’s possible through unified infrastructure management. In this workshop, you’ll learn how the FlexPod converged architecture can scale up, down, or out, to meet the various needs of disparate workloads and geographically dispersed locations. You’ll be able to capitalize on seamless operations management throughout the stack, across sites, and into the public cloud while discovering how a hyper-converged system can operate independently, or compliment a FlexPod ecosystem. Which platform is the right fit for your environment, your strategy, and your organization? Let’s find out together.


For many administrators, it’s difficult to see inside their network and understand exactly what they have and how their systems are performing. The VMware vRealize suite provides in-depth visibility into your ESXi Hosts, vCenter, and various other VMware-based systems. This workshop will demonstrate a basic deployment by setting up a vRealize appliance. We’ll then take a closer look at the additional functionality of the suite and discuss ways to optimize and better safeguard your systems.

 Nov. 2


12:00 PM 


 Nov. 2


2:30 PM