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Enterprise Networking Breakout Sessions

What is SD-WAN &
How Can it Help Me


How to Avoid Common Wireless Deployment Pitfalls


Inside the World of Software Defined Data Center

Rich Miller, Riverbed


Steve Leeper, Annese


Jason Beiter, Annese

SD-WAN is promising a lot.  Promises include: cost reduction, greater redundancy and higher availability, interoperability with AWS and Azure, and ease of use and operational simplicity.  Sounds great doesn’t it. How do you get from where I am today to SD –WAN? Learn how SD-WAN can help you and your business be more productive, agile, more reliable and finally put an end to those cryptic CLI commands.


Oct. 17 | 1:15 PM


 This breakout session will host an open discussion around common wireless deployment issues, and best practices and tools for troubleshooting them. We will briefly describe how wireless works, and explore 2.4 vs 5ghz, hub technology, and why marketing numbers don't always match up with real-world performance. We will also take a hard look at N v AC-W1 v AC-W2, mgmt vs control vs data packets, and channel assignments. Our session will explain why to move away from 2.4 and focus on 5ghz, how to disable older data rates (and why that is important), how and why to limit the number of SSIDs, how to perform a spectrum analysis, and site survey tools to use.


Oct. 17 |  12:00 PM


This session will address the evolving demands and trends we are seeing in the data center space to adapt to today’s elastic and dynamic application workloads. We will explore the change of approach to application development and cover new technologies and solutions that bring the public cloud experience to the private cloud, allowing organizations to make the best use of both.


Oct. 17  |  3:45 PM
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Mobile Engagement Solutions for your Workforce and Customers


Realizing a Better User Experience through Application
Performance Management 


Unified Endpoint Management:
More Than Pin Codes
& Device Wipes 

Scott Herman, HPE


Rich Miller, Riverbed


 Jason Boyers, Annese

The discussion will focus on mobile-first, cloud-first approaches and how they addresses the fundamental changes in today’s business environment–the move towards the digital workplace and the explosion of big data.  Mobile Engagement Solutions enables public-facing venues such as retailers, resort hotels, casinos, stadiums and hospitals to engage with consumers’ mobile devices on location to increase revenue per visit and boost customer satisfaction. Location Based solutions embedded into today’s mobility solutions allow visibility into the people, devices and workflows that occur every day at a given location providing enhanced communication experiences for your workforce and customers, while providing the necessary option to leverage rich contextual data from the network and its security systems for a stronger, well-coordinated defense.

Oct. 17 | 2:30 PM


 “My application is slow” – you have all heard it and you can expect to hear more of it.   Your End User’s Experience is EVERYTHING. With the digital transformation well underway managing and ensuring a predictable end user experience is not getting easier. Whether it be Hybrid Network, Cloud, SaaS, Mobile devices, private networks or application inefficiencies, learn how to ensure that users, and the business, get what they expect. Let us show you best practices and strategies that will improve your value with your users.


Oct. 18 | 10:15 AM


 From Out-of-the-Box enrollment for Windows 10 (including joining the Active Directory domain without IT involvement,) to providing secure access to documents on BYOD devices while preventing data loss, this workshop will discuss and provide demonstrations of Enterprise Endpoint, Content, and Application management for the following endpoint types: Windows 10 laptops, iPads, Chromebooks, and Androids.  We will look at management of the entire device to managing enterprise containers on the device, depending on the specific requirements.


Oct. 18  |  2:00 PM

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