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Enterprise Networking Breakout Sessions

The Fundamentals of Power and Cooling for Your Infrastructure


Cisco ISE and Wireless:
Providing the Balanced Security and Access Today’s Users Require


Cisco ISE and Wired Networks: Protection and Control to Relieve the Complex Access Management Burden      

Blake Maras


Jason Boyers


Jason Boyers

This session will cover the appropriate application of single-phase, split-phase, and 3-phase power distribution solutions. Common problems and misconceptions will be addressed pertaining to UPS solutions and UPS failure, power distribution voltage options, and the risks associated with typical power distribution mistakes. We will also explore power cable types, when to use transformers, amps vs. voltage, the benefits and ease of 208 volts, redundant UPS solutions, and why redundant power source is critical to reliability (which is almost universally overlooked!). Finally, this session will cover rack and cooling solutions, and how these relate to and impact power solution selection.

Nov. 3  |  3:30 PM


Connectivity means moving toward wireless connections for users and devices, with an emphasis on always available and always accessible. At the same time, the importance of securing data and resources continues to intensify. This session will help you develop a plan for providing secure access to all of your users and devices, while minimizing the management headaches typically associated with doing so.



Nov. 3  |  2:00 PM


There are four main disciplines in Security Management, including Vulnerability, Threat, Trust, and Identify Management, with the latter two receiving far less attention.  This session will help you understand at a very deep level, how to develop and cascade policies for wired ingress points using ISE, gain awareness of everything accessing your wired network and still provide access consistently and efficiently to all “authorized” users and devices.



Nov. 3  |  11:00 AM
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