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Cybersecurity Breakout Sessions

The Impact of Social Engineering on the World at Large


Moving at
the Speed of Cloud


The Current Security Threat Landscape: Now Mutating

Mike Hurley


Jim Kennedy


Joe Vigorito

This track will explain what social engineering is and why it carries such power in that almost any one of us can be a target to cyberattack. In this demonstration, we will take a hard look at the impact social engineering has on organizations and their employees, including the common threats, countermeasures, and proactive protection leaders can take. Moreover, we will examine the generational popularity of this non-technology-based technique and explore reasons why “people” are typically the weakest link in your security chain.

Nov. 3  |  2:00 PM


Security in the cloud is a shared responsibility. Foundation Services are afforded protection by the Cloud Provider, but networks, hosts, and applications must be defended by the consumer. Sounds easy! But are your current tools and processes all cloud-native? Who monitors security on your cloud-based hosts, and how do you attack monitoring to the application level? In this session, we’ll explore this shared model between on-premises and within the AWS Cloud, and give you pointers on aligning security and cloud with speed and efficacy.

Nov. 3  |  11:00 AM


In this session, we will take a detailed look at the next generation of sophisticated threats and exploits using the complex environment of mobile, cloud, security strategy incoherence, incompatible products, and sometimes inadequate attention from senior management as the backdrop. As we say, the current state of information security is not good enough and, without change, we are headed for a dramatic and harmful future.


Nov. 3  |  3:30 PM



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