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SightLine provides workshops highlighting technology-use cases with some of today’s leading technologies and manufacturers . With a series of different topics to choose from, these workshops cover technology strategy, design, implementation, and even best practices for getting started and optimizing your current environments. Benefit from expert advice and gather hands-on experience with sessions covering cloud, enterprise networking, and security topics.


Day 1 | Oct. 17th

12:00 PM


Day 1 | Oct. 17th

2:30 PM


Day 2 | Oct. 18th

10:15 AM


Modernize your Data Center and Leverage the Hybrid Cloud

Mike Hommer, NetApp

100 | Strategy

With a range of new technologies, moves towards digitization and cloud as well as growing security concerns, how do you position your organization to be in a position to take advantage of the rapidly changing landscape. This workshop will look at the current state of flash, converged and hyper-converged solutions as well as OpenStack and cloud all within the context of security and data control.  See some of the options (and demos) for modernized your data center and utilize the cloud as business dictates and not as an either-or choice.


AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management: How it's Done

Sorry, this workshop is full.

Jason Boyers, Annese

 200 | Demonstration

This workshop will demonstrate device, content, and application management for the following endpoint types: Windows 10 laptop, iPad, Chromebook, and Android.



Cloud-Managed Security

Gil Brouillette, Cisco Meraki

200 | Hands-On 

Join us for this workshop and experience the full power of our cloud-managed security appliance that integrates a next-generation firewall, site to site VPN, and application traffic shaping, all with the power and simplicity of web-based centralized management. In this interactive mini-lab, you’ll have the opportunity to get hands-on experience with the Meraki Dashboard. During each 1.5-2 hour mini lab sessions, a Meraki Master will walk participants through the Meraki network architecture, various SD-WAN scenarios, and the SD-WAN feature set in the dashboard.



Enabling Innovation: 
Discussing Ways to Leverage the Power of Cloud

Rus HealyMike McGuire & Scott Plamondon, Annese

100 | Strategy

AWS continues to experience phenomenal year over year growth with 40% share of the Public Cloud market. In this workshop, we’ll cover ways that businesses, public sector entities, and non-profits have leveraged AWS to innovate within their organizations. The goal of this session is to help you identify fresh, new opportunities for innovation that contribute strategically to your mission and business plan. In Part One of this session we will provide you with the “big picture” of how you can enable innovation in your Organization. In Part 2 of this session we will look closer at two of the leading-edge technologies that organizations can leverage in order to innovate within their organizations.



Continuous Delivery and Deployment in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Scott Plamondon, Annese &
Jayson Guglietta, Annese

300 | Discussion

What exactly is DevOps and how does it relate to AWS? During this session, we will introduce you to this concept on AWS, providing insightful demos and real-world examples of how to innovate and deliver quality code faster than ever. This workshop will break down today’s hottest tech buzzwords like continuous integration, continuous delivery, microservices, and infrastructure-as-code, explaining how these technologies work within AWS and how they can change the way your company innovates. Part 1:  of this session will provide an introduction to DevOps on Amazon Web Services. The different services and concepts critical to your team’s success in DevOps. The second half of the session will be a DevOps Deep Dive on Amazon Web Services. Live demonstrations, examples, and customer use-cases to jump start your DevOps success in AWS.



The Anatomy
of Disaster Recovery (DR) 

Gonen Stein, CloudEndure &
Rus Healy, Annese

200 | Discussion

In this session, we’ll take a deep dive into what makes a Disaster Recovery project successful, including many aspects of DR that may not come immediately to mind. We’ll look at the key aspects of networking, machine configuration, dependencies, and business workflows to ensure that your DR project is successful and maintainable over the long term. We’ll include a customer in the discussion to provide real-world perspectives on cloud DR.